Monitoring and evaluation serves the program as a continuous check in how far the activities in the program contribute to the realisation of the verifiable program objectives.  

The supply chain, the context in which the program operates, is the key entry point for connecting outcomes to impacts. The following activities are planned for monitoring and evaluation:

  • Drawing result chains stipulating how each activity will contribute to the outcome indicators. Result chains are drawn up with key stakeholders and make assumptions about causal links explicit;
  • A baseline study will be executed for each WP as reference for further monitoring and evaluation activities. 
  • Design quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods to measure change in indicators;
  • Data collecting among stakeholders;
  • Analysis and reporting;
  • Final impact evaluation report.

Two main goals are served by monitoring and evaluation:

  • To report on results;
  • To learn about and improve on results by the implementing team and stakeholders.

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