Knowledge Transfer (KT)

VegIMPACT intends to have impact on the income of a large number of farmer families, who grow a variety of vegetable crops. These farmers, in turn, will disseminate good agricultural practices to their respective neighbours and colleagues. In addition to a program of demo-fields and farmer extension, innovative strategies are needed for future production systems, pursuing responsible crop rotations of vegetables with other field and food crops. Through partnering with the Indonesian Vegetable Research Institute (IVEGRI) and PT East West Seed Indonesia (Ewindo), work package Knowledge Transfer will train 10,000 farmers during the project period.

IMPACT will be more effective when working on a larger scale, developing a network of vegetable farming knowledge and information that can be exchanged using the modern communication technology and social media. Through the vegetable farmers targeted, an even larger number of farmers will ultimately benefit from the program.  Seed company Ewindo, with a preferred position in the vegetable sector in Indonesia and with their existing ambition to provide knowledge and information services, as well as training to the Indonesian farmers, has been appointed at dedicated training partner within this work package.

Ewindo, by means of their 130 so-called "product promoters", will conduct a training of farmers (ToF) program, throughout Indonesia, training 10,000 farmers based on the vegIMPACT content and objectives.

The Indonesian Vegetable Research Institute (IVEGRI) and Applied Plant Research (APR-WUR) will develop and conduct a Training of Trainers (ToT) program for the Ewindo product promoters. The training modules are accompanied by Training Manuals, Farmer Manuals and an online training tool. After receiving the ToT training, the Ewindo product promoters will then each train a minimum of 100 farmers on a wide range of cultivation and pest & disease management techniques. To illustrate the activities herewith some deep links to short video clips of agroTV:
Link 1 – training farmers in Manado, North Sulawesi
Link 2 – training farmers in Riau, North Sumatra
Link 3 – knowledge transfer within vegIMPACT

Below you can download the ToT manuals and the corresponding Pesticide reference manual. All manuals are only available in the Indonesian language.