Potatoes belong to the most profitable vegetables for farmers to grow. However, potato production in Indonesia has been declining in recent years. This is partly due to external factors, such as urbanisation, limited financing possibilities and infrastructural problems. But for a large part this is caused by factors such as increasing pest and disease incidence, the lack of high yielding varieties with the necessary disease resistance, the limited availability of seed potatoes of high quality and the lack of varieties suitable for processing which is an increasing market segment in Indonesia.

Many elements in the potato sector are underdeveloped and crop production is not done sustainably. Diseases are not properly controlled, resulting in excessive use of pesticides, resistance to pesticides and high costs. Soils are not properly managed resulting in increasing problems with nematodes, nutrient depletion and erosion. In order to cater to market demand a value chain approach is necessary. Farmers need to be informed on market needs in order to produce the desired quality and variety. For this purpose, high quality seed potatoes need to become available in sufficient volume. Furthermore, good management of production and post-production techniques are crucial for a sustainable value chain.

Veg-IMPACT intends to explore the following interventions: