Product Market Combinations (PMC)

Product Market Combinations (PMCs) involve farmers and supply chain partners such as, traders, retailers and input services providers, who together make arrangements for improving existing market linkages or creating new market opportunities. Markets encompass traditional, modern street or wholesale markets, high end modern retail, mini markets, export markets and the processed vegetables market segments.  PMC’s are supported by the Indonesian vegIMPACT team consisting of experienced supply chain facilitators.

Through a multi-stakeholder approach, supply chain partners will be engaged in a participative process of joint analyses, learning and strategic planning of intervention to improve an existing or develop a new market oriented supply chain. This process, facilitated by vegIMPACT staff, will result in the development of at least 10 Product Market Combinations (PMCs) in West, Central and East Java, North Sumatra and Sulawesi. PMC products are commercially marketed by the supply chain participants. 

The program will monitor and evaluate the Product Market Combinations and evaluate constraints and opportunities for improved practices in the entire supply chain. “Solutions” and “best practices” will be developed which play an important role during the upscaling and dissemination process and reaching many more farmers. 

 Current PMC pilot projects