About vegIMPACT NL

The vegIMPACT NL program contributes to improved vegetable production and private sector development in Indonesia. The program builds on the results of previous joint Indonesian-Dutch horticultural cooperation projects, especially the vegIMPACT program (2012 – 2017) . The addition ‘NL’ stands for both Next Level and the Netherlands: vegIMPACT NL contributes to the further (‘next level’) development of vegetable production and private sector development in Indonesia using horticulture knowledge and expertise from the Netherlands.

VegIMPACT NL continues intensive collaboration with the private sector, which is a major driver of innovations in horticulture. The private sector possess the network, has the ability to invest and the capacity to commercialise and scale up promising innovations. Therefore, topics for research and innovations in vegIMPACT NL have been identified together with private sector partners. In addition, the private sector partners play an important role in the capacity building of farmers and in the development and demonstration of innovations and technologies, for example, during field expos. Many of the demonstrations and training of farmers are focussed at innovation and adaptation of existing technologies for conditions in Indonesia.

The program activities of vegIMPACT NL (2017-2020) address Knowledge transfer to farmers and crop experts, Seed potato technology and supply system, Shallot production and post-harvest technology , and specific activities addressing Young agro professionals. Digital information and social media are cross-cutting and supporting activities including the further development and promotion of the vegetable app MyAgri.

The vegIMPACT NL program is financed by the Government of the Netherlands and coordinated by Wageningen University & Research in The Netherlands.