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Building future from farming

Emor Waloni, lives in Moronge Subdistrict, Talaud Islands Regency, North Sulawesi is a Principal of SMAN 1 Moronge. However, the COVID-19 has led him to choose farming as his side job. Due to the inactivity of schools, Emor decided to use his 1.4 hectare land which then transformed into a true shallot seed field. He had experienced failures during his first nursery period due to his limited abilities, but with assistance from a Technical Field Officer, his farming knowledge and skills improved. “Now, I know how to take care of my crops properly,” he said. In fact, he is able to produce as much as 8 tons of shallots per harvest. This successful experience has enabled Emor to be a successful farmer when his retirement comes. Emor hopes that from his field, he can support his village.