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Increasing farmers’ competence through seed clinic

To increase the capacity of agricultural practice knowledge and skills for farmers, Seed Clinic is one of activities that is carried out by our Technical Field Officer. This activity was first-time held at the Mitra Bertani kiosk located in Beo Village, Kec. Beo, Kab. Talaud, North Sulawesi. Farmers who are visiting the Clinic can directly ask our TFO about agricultural cultivation. Seed clinics are also an opportunity for farmers who live outside the TFO’s work areas to get explanation and guidance based on good agricultural practices (GAP). These farmers also have the opportunity to take the guides that have been provided home. Not only that, they are also able to exchange their contacts, therefore our TFO can help more farmers. Through this activity, we strive to reach and foster a wider range of farmers, in line with improving the agriculture sector.