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Knowlegde Transfer

Vegetable farmers in Indonesia are exposed to volatile market prices and are often confronted with low prices when the offer of fresh vegetables is abundant. To be prepared for the future, farmers need to reduce the cost price, improve the quality of the produce and target specific market segments. Therefore, farmers need to acquire more knowledge and have access to accountable information to enable the adoption of new production technologies. Those farmers who know how to act and apply good management practices have more control on their cost price and can produce high quality vegetables. Farmers will be more resilient and competitive when using improved varieties, raising healthy seedlings  in nurseries and applying  fertilizers and pesticides in a responsible way. In vegIMPACT NL the Track ‘Knowledge Transfer’ uses two approaches to improve the knowledge level of actors in the horticulture sector of Indonesia:


  1. Vegetable professionals of input supply companies are trained in advanced nursery management, crop nutrition and crop protection. They will conduct practical farmer programs for knowledge transfer in a series of farmer training groups, combined with field days with a larger number of farmers attending in certain regions. In addition, in different regions of Indonesia so called Expo’s will be organized to showcase and demonstrate improved vegetable farmer practices and technologies. Each Expo will host a minimum of 500 farmers.


  1. The Indonesiannon-profit foundation Yayasan Bina Tani Sejahtera will organize knowledge transfer activities in the so-called less penetrated regions of Indonesia, like parts of Kalimantan, Papua, Moluku and elsewhere where farmers are less familiar with vegetable production but where there is business potential for sector development. In these regions farmers will be offered practical knowledge transfer programs in demo fields, farmer fields and in dedicated farmer training events.


The total number of farmers targeted for attending the knowledge transfer program of vegIMPACT NL is 30,000. Besides the activities we organise directly with farmers, vegIMPACT NL will produce and make available information leaflets, short films, posters, slides and other communication material, both in print and by digital platforms on the website and in the MyAgri app, in close collaboration with Balitsa.