Resumption of knowledge transfer activities - VegIMPACT

Resumption of knowledge transfer activities

As part of our new program, vegIMPACT NL, we continue our knowledge transfer efforts, thanks to our partner, Yayasan Bina Tani Sehjatera (YBTS), the global operating East West Seed Knowledge Tranfer Foundation. Here you can find an example of a mini-expo in Nabire, West Papua, where knowledge on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) has been disseminated to vegetable farmers in July. About 100 participant farmers had also time to share their experience to the rest of their peers.

The task for Wageningen University and Research is to pay attention that not one-sided knowledge and commercial information is transferred to farmers, but that accountable knowledge and various options are offered to farmers to improve their performance (crop yields, cost price reduction and income).