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Seed potato technology and supply systems

Since 2011, Wageningen University & Research and Balitsa have carried out potato research in Indonesia through different projects. The research consisted among others in the testing of Dutch potato varieties, assessing the effect of seed quality on yield characteristics, improving late blight control, developing fertilizer recommendations and improving spraying techniques. However, the major bottlenecks in the Indonesian potato sector, i.e. the availability of new potato varieties and high quality seed potato, could not be solved because of import regulations and legislation. In a national Potato workshop organized by vegIMPACT in 2016, these bottlenecks were addressed and actions identified to overcome the constraints. Recently, private sector partners have combined forces to introduce new potato varieties and to produce high quality seed potatoes for Indonesian farmers.


To achieve these aims entire new value chains need to be developed from the multiplication of plantlets in tubes to the actual supply of seed potatoes for farmers. Important aspects to develop such value chains include  the identification of suitable and clean land for multiplying high quality seed potatoes, farmers that have the skills to multiply high quality seed potatoes for several growing seasons, securing seed quality, knowledge about storage requirements of seed potatoes, technologies to enable proper storage of seed potatoes, harvesting, selection and sorting, etc.

Activities in the Track ‘Seed potato technology and supply systems’ will focus on the support of the seed potato value chain that is currently being developed by the private sector in Indonesia. Seed potatoes are the base of the potato production chain and the most critical factor for success of farmers. Improving the local seed supply systems and crop management, and implementing chain management in the potato sector can double the productivity.


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