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Training KRPL (Sustainable Food Home Area) – Biak, Papua

Farmers in Kampung Kamorfuar, Biak, Papua Indonesia were trained by our team and local PPL officers to plant crops in their yard so they do not need to go to the market to buy their daily vegetable needs.

Mrs. Linda, one of the farmers we interviewed said, that she was greatly satisfied by selling vegetables from the land in her yard. The mother of 5 children admitted that from the spinach, chili, tomato, red bottom, and eggplant, the benefits were enormous. She sells almost all the crops at Rp. 5,000. For example, a bunch of kangkong (about 200gr), tomatoes (4 pieces), eggplants (4-5 fruits), shallots, mustard greens, etc. The locals come directly to Mrs. Linda to buy vegetables, so they no longer need to go to the market as well.

But apparently pest attacks are not spared from problems, such as dogs that often enter the KRPL grounds, or caterpillars that attack tomato plants, etc. Luckily, Mrs. Linda and other farmers had no difficulty when consulting with our field team.