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Training of Farmers in Manokwari, West Papua

The Berta Group (literal translation: Learning to Farm) is a farmer group in Bahamyenti Village, Warmare District, Manokwari, West Papua. Berta farmer group has been farming before, however due to the lack of knowledge and farming skills, there is no significant improvement in their yield or harvest. Even, these farmers do not really understand about fertilization and the use of pesticide. However, the limitations that they have do not dampen their enthusiasm for farming. The group still want to plant chilies on their land. Motivated by them, our Technical Field Officers, Veni, then provided Good Agricultural Practices through Training of Farmers for the Berta Group. The training includes selecting seeds, making seed houses and beds, installing mulch and spacing. It is hoped that the training will become a provision for the farmers in Bahamyenti Village, therefore the Berta farmer group is able to optimize their land and maximize their future yields.