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VegIMPACT NL introduction video

Optimizing Results by Fertilizing

Would you like to know how to fertilize technically according to GAP? (this Bahasa video is subtitled in English)

Do you use pesticides? Pay attention to the following things!

This video presents information about proper spraying techniques so that farmers stay safe during their activities. (this Bahasa video is subtitled in English)

How to choose the right seeds and to start a good nursery

Would you like to know how to choose the right seeds to gain quality results? (this Bahasa video is subtitled in English)

Easy ways to effectively control pests

Would you like to know how to effectively control pests using the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) system? (this Bahasa video is subtitled in English)

Copra farmers change direction ?

Some time ago, we had an interview with copra farmers (one of the coconut-derived products) in Taliwong Village, North Maluku. (this Bahasa video is subtitled in English).

Like Farm Fun?

Hereby we share an interview video with Pak Welly, a farmer in Soe. (this Bahasa video is subtitled in English).

Potato Field Day Expo 18 july 2019

In July 2019 a successful Potato Field Day Expo was held in Pangalengan

MyAgri app

For the application of the MyAgri app, look at the video

Former program VegIMPACT (2012-2017)

This video explains the activities of the former program vegIMPACT (2012-2017). (The video is only available in Bahasa).

VegIMPACT (2012-2017) Knowledge Transfer activities

This video shows the Knowledge Transfer activities carried out from 2012-2017. (The video is only available in Bahasa).

Regional expos in December 2018

Our capacity building activities were continuing in December 2018; six regional expos were held that month.

Training of trainers (T o t)

In the 3rd week of September 2018, the first Training of Trainers has been delivered to the extension officers of our partners and teachers from Ambon University. See the video for an impression.

SMKN 2 Subang, Teaching Factory (TEFA) Video

SMKN 2 Subang, Project Based Learning (PJBL) Video

SMKN 5 Jember, PJBL Video

SMKN 5 Jember, TEFA Video

TSS webinar 2020_video I

Opening Remarks & Launching Book TSS: Bawang Merah dengan Biji

TSS webinar 2020_video II

Shallot Production in Indonesia: Importance, Economic and Prospects - Dr. Witono Adiyoga

TSS webinar 2020_video III

TSS Technology: New Production System - Adriyanita Adin, S.P., MSc.

TSS webinar 2020_video IV

Shallot Applied Research - ing. Herman de Putter

TSS webinar 2020_video V

Best Practices on Planting, Growing, Curing and Storing of Shallot Seed Bulbs - Ibrahim Palaz, M.A.

TSS webinar 2020_video VI

Shallot Integrated Pest Management - Prof. Dr. Ir. Y. Andi Trisyoono MSc.

TSS webinar 2020_video VII

Consumer Preferences on Shallot - Ervina Dian Irawati, SE., MSc.

TSS webinar 2020_video VIII

Shallot Production in Nusa Tenggara Barat - Prof. Dr. Ir. I Made Sudantha, MS.

TSS webinar 2020_video IX

Shallots From TSS & Seedlings - Jurgen Nagel

TSS webinar 2020_video X

Controlling of Beet Armyworm (Spedoptera exigue Hubner) in Shallot = Dr. Awang Maharijaya, SP., M.Si

TSS webinar 2020_video XI

Closing Remarks - Dr. Edwin S. Saragih