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Young agro professionals

Well-educated and skilled young people are needed to contribute to the development of the horticultural sector in Indonesia. The success of both the private and public sector working in horticulture will depend on these people. Many rural young migrate to cities searching for employment opportunities and prosperity. While in 1991 more than 50% of Indonesia’s population was employed in agriculture, currently it is only 30%. Farming is considered physically heavy, little attractive and lagging far behind other sectors in applying the latest technologies.


In 2017, Indonesia and the Netherlands signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and combined resources with the aim to improve agricultural Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Indonesia. The three-year TVET programme includes: Institutional strengthening, Curriculum development, Teacher training and Infrastructure development. The programme is coordinated by the Project management office (PMO) hosted by Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). The TVET programme will also tap into Dutch expertise in knowledge institutes in green education. Currently two schools (SMKN 2 Subang and SMKN 5 Jember) have been chosen as pilot models, which will be scaled out to other SMKNs. The support of the green vocational education (VET) system in Indonesia is based on the request of the Indonesian Government to the Government of the Netherlands.

Improving TVET in agriculture and producing competent graduates that fit labour market needs and empowering vocational schools, students, farmers and industry will stimulate economic development in Indonesia.


vegIMPACT NL activities introduce new information technologies (Apps, Facebook) and will showcase mechanization options to improve TVET and change the image of agriculture. However, in the Young agro professionals Track we go one-step further by updating the formal vocational education system in Indonesia and by supporting a public campaign for Young agri-preneur Ambassador. The latter is an on-going program to improve the image of farming through a contest of young farmers.