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Young Farmer: Farming for Better Future

Matios is a young farmer who lives in Layeni Village, Teon Nila Serua District, Central Maluku Regency, Maluku. Initially, Matios worked as a construction worker. Due to his job, he often got an uncertain income to pay his bills. However, his life got better when he started farming. Matios decided to start a new job by becoming a farmer after he and his friend attended a training held by one of our Technical Field Officers. During the training, he learned how to grow kale at the demonstration plot. He then learned to cultivate cucumbers on his own land. During the planting process, Matios was eager to learn and always asked questions to the TFO. When the harvest time came, he managed to harvest approximately 200 kg at a selling price of IDR 5,000/kg. Since then, Matios has had plans to open up a new land for himself and become more active in farming.